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Ferrule Lube

Ferrule Lube is designed to eliminate the frustration of sticking ferules, or worn and wobbly ferrules that have become loose because of excessive wear.

Some rod manufacturers have been known to recommend paraffin for lubricating ferrules; nothing could be worse. Paraffin collects dirt and grit, which damages the ferrule. It also has a considerable surface buildup which destroys the intended tolerance of close fitting parts resulting in loose ferrules.

Ferrule Lube has no surface buildup, no interference with original tolerances and no tendency to collect dirt and grit. The open pores of the rod ferrule, are actually filled with FERRULE LUBE, resulting in a friction free joint which fits much tighter than before, but is more easily dismantled. It also does a fine job of lubricating fighting butt joints, including those with rubber "O" rings, and is a real boon to sticky reel seat tightening rings.

Ferrule Lube is applied wet, but dries in a few seconds. It can be applied with a cotton swab. Metal ferrules should be treated more often than non metal ferrules. Ferrule Lube has been highly praised after lengthy testing by many periodicals and on line product reviews.

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