Our History

The story of an aerospace chemist who loved to fish with the rod he crafted.

our historyFounder Ralph O’Quinn was an aerospace engineer who loved the outdoors. His passions included fishing, hunting and hiking. By nature he loved tinkering with chemicals. It was only natural he was moved to concoct things that would allow pursuits he liked be even more enjoyable. 

For example... for hunting and hiking he invented a product called AQUASEAL® – the preeminent leather care product for hunting boots.

For fishing, he created superior finishes for rod-making. They worked so well others encouraged Ralph to develop a paste epoxy. He tried one formula after another in this quest. Finally, Rod Bond – the definitive rod building glue was born.

Ralph truly was a legend in rod building finishes and adhesives. Today the U-40 heritage is in the good hands of those who worked side-by-side with Ralph.  Rod builders will always have U-40 products that make their handiwork even more special.

We thank you for using our products.

For those that haven’t, you really owe it to yourself to do so. You’ll see the difference.


Ralph O'Quinn applying epoxy rod finish with a spatula