"I believe Rod Bond is the finest product on the market for its intended purpose. I have personally used it on Hundreds of rods with ZERO failure. I recommend it to everyone I talk to,  to set handles &reel seats with."

Bill Batson, CEO Batson Enterprises

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"Few people have possessed Ralph’s intimate knowledge of epoxy finishes and adhesives." 

Tom Kirkman, author of Rod Building Guide; editor of Rod Maker Magazine

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“There are certain things that we do that we will only use U-40 Rod Bond for!”

Oscar, Lamiglas


"U-40 products are top notch! Every grip in my shop leaves with a coat of U-40 cork seal."

Proof Fly Fishing

Proof Fly Fishing

"We see a lot of older fly rods come through our shop and I always recommend the U40 Perma Gloss finish on those rods. It really brings them back to life."

"We’ve been using the Dura Gloss L S Supreme with consistent results for many many years.  It’s a crystal clear coat that lasts indefinitely."

"U40 Rod Bond is superior to liquid epoxies for rod handle assembly. It stays where you put it, eliminating the need to turn the handle until it sets up."

Greg's Custom Fishing Rods

Gregs Custom Fishing

"I first used U40 products in the 1980’s to build a 5 wt fly rod. I am still using the rod and continue to use and sell U40 products in my shop. U40 Products are the very best for Rod Building, Repairing and Refinishing.  I often challenge the performance of U40 products and have not been disappointed."

"I use U40 products when teaching Rod Building and Rod Repair because I know they do the best job. I find the new product “Quik Bond” to be a very good for assembling fly reel seats, repairing cork and for repairing a broken rod blank.  “Perma Gloss is an excellent product to use for fishing camp Rod Guide repair."

Sincerely Joe Kassuba

His Rod Shop



"There's nothing better than U-40 Rod Bond as an adhesive for reel seats and cork grips. Its formula allows you to easily slide on cork for a tight fit and it gives you plenty of stress-free work time to get everything aligned perfectly. Once cured, the flexibility of U-40 Rod Bond is what makes it stand out compared to other adhesives. There's no need to worry about the bond becoming brittle and you can expect U-40 Rod Bond to last the life of your fly rod. 

U-40 Dura Gloss L S Supreme is the only finishing epoxy we recommend to our rod building customers that need something for a bamboo or glass blank. It is easy to work with and cures clearer than any epoxy out there for a beautiful transparent finish."

Madison River Fly Fishing


Madison River Fly Fishing

"I’ve been building rods for over 30 years and LS Supreme has the longest ‘pot life’ in the business, which means more time to properly apply finish to your rod. Since I’m always in a hurry to fish a new build, I like the way LS Supreme is truly a ‘one coat’ finish!"

"About 10 years ago, Terry, our in-house Master Builder, turned me on to Rod Bond, and it’s the only epoxy adhesive I now use. It’s lighter than standard 2-part liquid epoxies, doesn’t drip and forgiving on the mixing. I particularly like the way it fills in the gaps which sometimes occur under cork grips from uneven reaming and also the gaps between arbors/seats/blanks."

The Hook & Hackle Co.

The Hook And Hackle Company

"As a professional rod builder for over three decades, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many different products related to the craft. Without a doubt, U40 Rod Bond is the most user friendly, reliable, high quality epoxy that I have ever used. I have assembled literally thousands of reel seats with Rod Bond over the years and to date, not a single failure. Fantastic product!"

Brian Babcock


"I've been using U-40 over 17 years after having some other brand of rod finish issues I found U-40 and never have had any issues the best product out there."

Sunrise Sports & Tackle


Sunrise Sports and Tackle

U-40/Trondak are always there to help, answer any questions I have and help with product issues/questions. Extremely accommodating staff who are professional and friendly.  Orders come very quick, always packed very well with no issues.

C & M Custom Tackle

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